Opens Tomorrow!

Opens Tomorrow!



The new Star Trek motion picture comes out on the big screen, including the IMAX theaters! Titled “Star Trek: Beyond”, this is the last film we will see Anton Yelchin appear on screen. Sadly, tragically, he was killed in a freak accident at his home when his vehicle slipped out of gear, rolled down the driveway, and violently pinned him against a mail post. The entire Star Trek community mourns his passing, and makes this film all the more precious.

Set in the Alternate Universe, many have begun to call it the “Kelvin” timeline, having to do with the ship James T. Kirk was not quite born upon, his mother evacuated to an escape pod while his father, George, commanded and piloted the ship to destroy another. Separate from traditional Star Trek canon, fans are beginning to accept the alternate Kelvin Universe, but this film will be critical to that goal. After the shock of finding Kirk and the crew return out of the 1960s as freshmen, the Into Darkness film dragged the characters to places even fans found hard to understand, bringing back a Khan character that was entirely out of character.

Reviews on the new film, ST Beyond, are encouraging, and I for one look forward to seeing this one in IMAX glory with a big bucket of popcorn and a ice cold Coke. Seen every Trek film in the theater, some great, most good, a couple of bombs (it happens) and am hoping in the alternate universe, the Kelvin Universe, that the odd numbers will be the magic episodes we all love and enjoy. It’s a great cast that has worked together and know their characters, so our expectations will be a little higher. I think we will not be disappointed!

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