Not Coming Down

Not Coming Down

Blue Whale

If I were an intelligent alien species with interstellar space travel, I would not come and visit out planet. I might come out here, but once I monitored the EM transmissions, broadcasts, and pollution content in the atmosphere, I’d just move on and mark Earth as “no intelligent life”. And I’d think it a shame, because it’s one of the most beautiful, habitable planets in the galaxy.

Look at all that water! Most of it is too saline for the land animals, but the sea life is obviously the dominant species. They’re just being exploited by the land creatures. They are so much more complex than the land life. Some of them can change colors, they have electric bodies, can live at incredible pressures. Those very large ones, the blueish ones that are 30 meters long, they eat tiny little plankton and are about as benign as can be. Size doesn’t seem to matter to them.

What posses the mammals to tear down or burn down their trees? Have they forgotten that the trees are the primary oxygen factories, an element they need for survival? Just confirmation that we should stay far far away and go check out what going on in the Tau Ceti system, or the Epsilon Eridanus system, or even any star in the Gliese quadrant. I’d but them down for another stop in 1000 years. After all, I’m an eternal optimist!

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