The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

Eta Cass binary system and P5

I thought I’d just shoot out a note today about the new novel. Paradox: The Alien Genome is selling slowly, and Gamma Ray Games is slow but steady. The next chapter is tentatively called “Symbiosis: Titans of Cassiopeia”. Titles are subject to change but so far it’s sticking. If you have friends who might like this blog or my books, do them a favor, shoot them a note about me!

Titans are large, and not necessarily in physical space, although that can certainly be one definition. Cassiopeia is a constellation that appears like a W in the sky, certainly large from side to side. In this story, Captain Thomas Jackson leads a partially new team to the Eta Cassiopeia system, 20 light years from Earth at the request of the inhabitants of one of its planets. They are dying, facing a plague that no one has been able to quash for more than a century. Every bit of their technology has focused on treating and curing the epidemic, to no avail. More than a third of the planet’s population has perished.

The Science Ship Maria Mitchell is on the way with powerful antibiotics, but uncovers a shocking plot to be overcome. The ships are faster, the villains are crafty, and Jackson still has what it takes to inspire his crew to give their all when it comes to helping the indigenous people of Eta Cass P5.

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