Caffeine and Conventions

Caffeine and Conventions

coffee-free-download.mdIt’s a Dog-day Monday, and by that I mean it’s hot. Really, really hot. We should hit 108 F today. That’s 42 in centigrade, or am I supposed to say Celsius? I’m never sure.

What gets you moving on Monday? Is it your favorite java from the drive thru on your way to the office? Maybe it’s your day off and sleeping late is your idea of a perfect Monday morning. Here every day is pretty much alike except for the television programming, which is how I know it’s Monday.

Inspiration can be hard in coming until something pushes at your from one way or another. A news story, a phone call, an email. It could be I was awakened by my cat at 4:00 am, or just as likely one of my three roosters, however, they have a different MO. If I’m late getting up, my parrot will start screaming to remind me that the morning is slipping away. Before I know it, the mail has arrived, it’s hotter than hell, and I still haven’t finished my first cup of coffee!

Then, there are things to look forward to that will drop tidbits in my lap to nurture and protect until I can return to the document. A vacation to someplace outside of the desert and bright lights always does it. So does a convention, in this case, the biggest baddest convention a science fiction writer could ever hope to attend: Star Trek Las Vegas, the 50th Anniversary. It begins in 10 days. Now I can start the countdown, crossing days off the calendar with the large black marker. Vacation?  I leave town a few times every year. Birth of a child? Getting married? I can have more than one of each of those. This is the once in a lifetime, big bang, pull out all the stops mother of all  sci fi conventions. And I’m going!

So I may be preoccupied next week.



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