Yup, it’s a(n) historic day

Yup, it’s a(n) historic day

Bridge – Cockpit of the Space shuttle Endeavour

Unless you live in a cave or on Antarctica, you’ve no doubt heard that today is the anniversary of Star Trek’s debut on television back in 1966. I’ve heard about it on NPR, Syfy channel is running a marathon, and Twitter is virtually nothing but Star Trek today. And that’s okay. No other television show has garnered such a lasting, loyal group of fans, and for a good reason.

Star Trek offers hope for the future. During the 1960s when we faced the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of our President, a horrible war in Vietnam, and the Cold War with the USSR, Star Trek reminded us that we could pull ourselves out of such conditions and rise above our savage natures, if we so desired.

We’re not there yet, but we’ve made strides, advances in science, and shortly after the show ended, Americans landed on the moon, ushering in a genuine space age for humans. Think back, or read some history, and you may see why Star Trek has endured into the 21st Century. It’s entirely likely, although we may not see it ourselves, that will be be celebrating 100 years in five decades. We can only dream.

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