Assembling Authors (Got Books?)

Assembling Authors (Got Books?)

il-library-6This past weekend the Las Vegas Valley Book Festival braved the high winds and welcomed authors and bookworms to meet up with dozens of other authors and bookworms at the Historic 5th Street School in downtown Las Vegas. Under warm, sunny skies, white tents popped up and hundreds attended this annual gathering of talented story tellers to meet authors, hear seminars, and enjoy some company of like minded folk.
I met some lovely people and wanted to let you, my readers, know about them, and also say thank you to them for taking the time to speak with me about their daily lives as well as their projects and books.

Local Author Renee Jean had three books available: Rescue Me, Survivor, and Never Give Up. She donates proceeds from some of her books to charity, including a local battered women’s shelter, Shadetree, in Las Vegas, and a dog rescue called War Dogs in Chicago that rescues death row dogs and trains them go to homes of vets with PTSD. She’s a Goodreads Author so go visit her at Renee Jean.

Originally from Canada, Emergency Room doctor L. M. Bryant held out a book and asked me to touch it, which would surely make any person feel better! Yes, a  book in hand cures any malady. Her novel, Book of Birds, caught my eye as a historical fiction post WWII in Canada, of two orphaned girls struggling to adapt to their new lives. Go to LMBRYSKI and say hello to this talented author.

Another lovely author from Irvine, California, is Jessica Therrien. Her ‘Children of the Gods’ series are on my active bookshelf and are just waiting for me to get busy and crack them open. A supernatural race, Descendants, are struggling to live with Humans: Are the Descendants truly gods or are they a threat to humanity?  She and author Holly Kammier, author of Kingston Court, operate a publishing company run by authors that want to keep control of their works called Acorn Publishing. Go check out their works at Acorn Publishing.

I’m swamped with some good reading to do, but am still writing on the next book about Captain Thomas Jackson and his crew, Rianya from Beta Hydri Four, and Zalara who saved generations of humans with her unique DNA (Paradox: The Alien Genome)




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