Animals have been an ever present fixture in my life, over 50 years now. Starting in high school I began writing, fiction, then non-fiction during college. I took on assignments including white papers and as a contributor to technical manuals and exam guides. I returned to non-fiction works that focused on animal health after I became a licensed veterinary technician, finding that educating the everyday public about animal care was a better use of my skills than wrestling dogs and horses in a clinic.

I have returned to my first love, fiction, and truth inspired fiction that contains an element of medicine and science that I enjoy researching and learning of while I create a world that entertains and educates at the same time. Science Fiction, in all its variety, has been a favorite since childhood, and my first authors were Asimov, Sagan, Hawking (hmm, not so fictional there), and Crichton, of whom I tend to emulate. Roddenberry and D C Fontana are also a couple of my favorites.

Science is my favorite subject. Not so much quantum physics kind of science, but biochemistry, zoology, astronomy, geology, and what you might call “natural” sciences. The world is a precious, fascinating place that we call home, Earth, and through my work I like to hope people learn something that helps them develop a naturalistic worldview that demonstrates our link with the planet and other life forms.

In the meantime, it’s nice to stretch out a little and enjoy a tale while the scientific information seeps into your brain and changes who ¬†you are, just a little. Some might call it brainwashing. I call it enlightened entertainment. Enjoy!

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