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tomriyquiA Time Traveler

Three alien species and a Terran bacterium conspire to prevent Captain Thomas Jackson from completing his mission to stop an extinction caused by antibacterial resistance to Yersinia pestis, more commonly known as The Black Plague.

A time traveler's secret changes the past and future
Symbiosis: by H. S. Rivney

With Quixote as his chief engineer, a new, faster ship, the Science Ship Maria Mitchell, takes them first to the dry, extinct, Martian world of Eta Cass Cuatro. There they pick up an unusual archaeological treasure, a partly human mummy. From there they travel to Eta Cass Cinco where a population of pacifists is dwindling before their eyes. In between, Jackson runs into an old foe from Iota Pegasi. He’s profiting off the entire, triangular fiasco.

And then…

After handling the mummy, Jackson’s alien wife, Rianya, suffers from an acute onslaught of the deadly disease. Their precocious child, Zalara, is forbidden to cure her with an act of empathy. It’s then that they realize the mummy is a time traveler. As the crew and doctors unravel the mystery, it becomes increasingly clear that it has everything to do with the problem on Cinco. It also holds a secret that will threaten Jackson’s legacy. He faces every captain’s worst nightmare, and must endure a daily reminder of the consequences of his choice.
Novel, about 110,000 words.

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Before Symbiosis, in a race against time, 

Captain Thomas Jackson leads the crew of the Science Ship Linus Pauling into deep space. Their mission: find life with a unique DNA structure. It’s 2160, and after two years of searching, an accident in the engine room tears the ship apart.

Escape pods land them on a backwards planet that will kill them with inedible food and vicious predators if they can’t adapt quickly. A rescue is years away.

Jackson’s shipwrecked crew struggle with survival. Out of rations, and morale waning, he reaches out to a thriving humanoid population that gives them means to survive, but also a new set of problems to contend with,  from superstition to xenophobia. Lifelong bachelor Jackson falls hard, and deeply in love, for Rianya, a curious, sympathetic, and smart alien woman.

Very unexpectedly,

and against all odds, inevitably, a baby arrives. Rianya’s civilization erupts with xenophobia, forcing the humans to retreat and abandon their friendships and cooperative arrangements with the natives. A flood, followed by an eclipse, only serve to increase suspicion that the baby is to blame.

The child, however, is discovered to possess the unique DNA they originally sought that can stop a genetic disaster, but first they have to get her to Earth. Even then, her very life would be in danger if the wrong people discover that she’s worth her weight in gold.

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Novel, about 110,000 words   Get Paradox as an E-Novel



It had been seven years

since Captain Thomas Jackson had visited Tau Ceti D, an earth-like planet with a young civilization, just emerging from an Iron Age. Not searching for gold this time, their mission is to protect human interests in the planet after a nuclear reactor suddenly appears in a small coastal town.

It’s no surprise that aliens are behind the millennial leap of technology. Yet after he arrives with his small team, the puzzle grows more complicated. He discovers that nothing is as he expected, from the sprawling omnibus system to the woman he’d not forgotten for seven years.

Available alone as an e-Novella, about 24,000 words

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Cover, Novissimus, Novella

The year 2154

became a milestone for Captain Jackson in command of the Science Ship Linus Pauling, when he first meets Dukvita, a profiteering Pegasi pirate. The alien is doing his best to earn a profit by stealing the Linus Pauling’s medical supplies, including vaccines needing immediate dispersal on Silverado Six. While distracted by memories of his first visit to Novissimus, Jackson’s a day behind in chasing down the thieves.

Luckily, Jackson has a tiny secret weapon up his sleeve, er, up his engine’s manifolds. If he can just stop Dukvita long enough, and avoid laser fire, he’ll be in the driver’s seat and on his way to Silverado Six to complete his mission.

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ANTHOLOGY II combines Space Station One: NOVISSIMUS  Quantum Quandaries, with GAMMA RAY GAMES, above (also available stand alone as an E-book). Get ANTHOLOGY II as a paperback.


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