Blogs didn’t exist twenty years ago. Now we can’t live without them. In the 80s (ouch, that kind of hurt) I ran a bulletin board off the business telephone line, during the night hours, when the office was closed. It was called The Lion’s Den. It had no rhyme or reason, it was just the only way we knew how to communicate. If I remember, it ran on 2800 baud and a Commodore 128, but don’t hold me to that. My memory isn’t what it used to be.

However, E books have changed everything about publishing the way the birth control pill changed everything about pregnancy. Liberation, Independence, Freedom – all very “American” words that have yet to make their way around the world for many women and children. Many people live under governments that are afraid of such ideas. The world, however, is shrinking with access to almost any information wanted, legal or not! It’s good, it’s not so good.

I’m going with good.

They will reduce the need for kids to have lockers and for heavy textbooks to cart home on their backs. I can take my e-reader and sit for an hour in the doctor’s office. I have access to millions upon millions of books, crammed with information and stories, enough to last more than a lifetime. And this is good. Had the internet been available when I was in school, we wouldn’t have had to find ways to get to the library to look things up. Remember that, digging through the files and learning the Dewey decimal system. I guess that wasn’t so bad.

But it’s the 21st century and there’s no going back now. So, in that spirit, I will endeavor to post interesting science blogs that will take us into the future. Hopefully they will inspire story after story as a vehicle to stimulate curiosity and appreciation for the intelligence, and imagination, of humanity.