laikaOn a lighter note, I thought maybe you’d like to know a few tidbits about dogs.  A dog was the first animal sent into space on behalf of humans, a Soviet dog named Laika, sent on Sputnik 2 in November of 1957. It may not be such a lighter note since Laika perished in orbit about four hours after launch, despite the initial reports from Moscow that reported she stayed alive several days. Her death was likely stress from the launch and the high heat of the space capsule that transferred into the cabin.

Not a large dog, she was a vagabond picked up off the street, not a pure bred dog. She and two others were prepared for the trip by spending time in a centrifuge, being kept in decreasingly smaller cages,  and dressed in vests covered in heavy sensors and transmitters. Yes, a dog was the first living thing to leave the planet Earth alive.

So if you’re considering bringing home a pet for the holidays, a rescue dog can be a legend, a ‘caninonaught’, or a great friend that will steal your heart. Before you bring a pet home, be sure all family members agree on the care and maintenance for the new member of the family. Learn about dog care, training, and health. Don’t skimp on veterinary visits, and consider a puppy or dog will be at least a ten year commitment. If you’re lucky, they will be a companion for much longer and a permanent piece of your life, heart, and memories.

And now here’s your cute puppy stamp.   beagle

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